Dates: 7. July – 21. July 2019

The program is based on combining the fundamental visual skills, primarily drawing and painting, with other artistic media like animation and video. The program includes practical work, lectures, workshops and consultations. In practical terms, class program is an expansion of the drawing and painting experience combining it with animation, narrative and audio elements thus producing a "living image."

The focus is on the artistic experiment, practical work and critical thinking. The course motivates active engagement and development of technical skills, conceptual thinking and theoretical knowledge. The production is focused on the development of students' projects.

During two weeks, students will have the chance to go through the process of finding the narrative they want to present, finding the solution how they want to draw/paint it, and then choose and learn how to “move” it - by flip book, software, etc.

The emphasis is on creating new innovative projects by using different artistic approaches.

This master class is open to beginners as well as advanced.

Teaching professor: Nemanja Nikolić, Belgrad

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