Program 2020

The Summer Academy Venice takes place from June, 21st until July, 19th 2020
Deadline for enrollment is the 31st of May 2020

I want to participate to the following class/es. The classes are constitutive but can be booked on a weekly basis.

Master Classes




Total Price: Euro

The total fees include a signup fee of € 300.- and a course fee per week of € 360.-

Further Information

Early Bird Discount

When you enroll before March 1st the course fee amounts to € 300.- per week instead of € 360.- (plus the sign-up fee of € 300.-)
Students are granted a 40% reduction of the course fee.

Enrollment Process

After transferring the down payment of € 300,- you will receive a confirmation by email to participate in the chosen master class/es.
We recommend doing the registration as soon as possible, as some classes reach the maximum number of participants soon.

After May 31st you will receive a manual with detailed information on materials, travel arrangements, etc.

Accommodation has to be organized and paid separately. Recommended accommodation can be found at “Accommodation”.


In case of cancellation before May 31st all payments will be refunded, after May 31st, all payments will be withheld. You can also credit your payments to the next year.

Studio with accomodation

Only in connection to booking a studio we can offer accommodation at the Palazzo Zenobio:

  • Single room with private bath: 65€ per night (€ 455.- per week)
  • Double bed room with private bath: 80€ per night (€ 560.- per week)


Should you have difficulties with enrolling please write to or call +43 660 588 4018.


Due to the unpredictable development of the spread of the Corona Virus, we reserve the right to cancel the Summer Academy 2020 due to the health risks should there be a ban on entry into the Veneto region at the time of the Summer Academy. The deadline for this is the 15th of May 2020.

We advise in the timing to assume that the Summer Academy 2020 will take place. However, we recommend that you book your accommodation and transfer only at the latest possible date.

If the Summer Academy has to be cancelled, your deposits will be refunded to your account.


Aufgrund der unvorhersehbaren Entwicklung zur Verbreitung des Corona Virus, behalten wir uns vor, im Falle eines Aus- und Einreiseverbots in die Region Veneto zum Zeitpunkt der Sommerakademie, diese aufgrund der gesundheitlichen Risiken abzusagen. Die Deadline hierfür ist der 15. Mai 2020.

Wir raten in der Zeitplanung davon auszugehen, dass die Sommerakademie 2020 stattfinden wird. Die Buchungen für Unterkunft und Anreise empfehlen wir aber, erst zum spätestmöglichen Zeitpunkt zu buchen. Sollte die Sommerakademie abgesagt werden müssen, werden Ihre Einzahlungen an Ihr Konto rücküberwiesen.

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Payment Information

We do recommend payments per bank transfer using our IBAN and BIC code. If you are not a EU citizen or not living in an Euro country we ask the transfer to be “exempt from charges for the recipient”.

We do not recommend payment by credit card or PayPal as we have to charge 10€.

Konto: 512 7338 2001
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IBAN: AT58 1200 0512 7338 2001


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