2. July – 16. July 2020
in Venice, Vienna, London and Krakow

The "International Summer Academy for Fine Arts and Media, Venice" is one of the largest and most dynamic summer academies in Europe with 14 master classes in the various arts and 100-150 participants. Based on 16 years of experience, we developed a new module, the "Advanced Studios program” for experienced artists.

The aim of this program is to be able to achieve a maximum potential for creative work through the development of a cooperative project with professors and experienced artists in an interdisciplinary composition.

Over the many years of the "International Summer Academy in Venice", this composition had developed into an optimal configuration.

After intensive preparation of the didactic program, an interdisciplinary project will be developed in a two-week workshop for advanced artists and two professors. This will then be performed in Venice. A cooperation between Andrzej Welminski, Kraków, theater art, with Wolf Werdigier, Vienna, painting, and 14 participating international artists is planned for 2023.

Following the presentation in Venice there will be performances in Kraków, Cricoteca, in Vienna, produzenten gallery. Vienna, and in London, Bruford College.

Project description

1. the preparation phase

Development of a cooperation training in which the participating artists cooperate on an overall project. It's not about individual representations, but about the mutual stimulation and contribution of the special abilities of each individual artist.

Source material for the project

2. the project development phase

The interdisciplinary project "Theatre and Painting" will be developed at the location of the event:
A. the study of sources and the examples as well as the cooperative development of the performance concept
B. Test runs of individual scene elements
C. Consolidation to the overall dramaturgy
D. Realization and Execution

Komet (Cracow):
Tempest (Venice):
Lviv Project (Venice):

3. the performances and presentations

- Venice
- Vienna, Produzenten Gallerie
- London, POSK Gallery
- Kraków, Solvay Contemporary Art Center

Since this is a project with a limited number of participants, applications from participants must be submitted by March 31st with a nominal fee of €150 to the "International Summer Academy Venice" account.

The final confirmation of participation will be sent to the selected participants by April 15 at the latest, or the entry fee will be refunded. The subsequent participation fee for the entire project at all three locations is EUR 1200.-, for students younger than 25 years, EUR 200.-

The ratio of participants  under 25 years and over 25 years is 1:1.


Applications must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their own web address or web links, or a maximum of three pages of email and a half-page CV by March 31 at the latest.

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