Dates: June 28 – July 5, 2020

Soundscapes! - creating unique music through vocal expression.

Gisela de Villiers is an accomplished conductor, pianist, and cabaret artist. She is an internationally published composer of vocal, choral, and instrumental works, and author of her own lyrics and texts.

Her specialty is improvisation, which she will demonstrate during her work in the master class. This workshop concentrates on unlocking every person's innate creativity - an awareness of the art of sound.
Artistic expression in body and voice is available not only to singers, but to all who wish to deepen the natural soundscape present in human capacity.
This is facilitated by traditional African music and rhythms, using vocalizing techniques aimed at 'opening' the voice.

  • utilize the power of words and sounds, creating awareness of the voice as a tool for broadening the inner artistic landscape.
  • recognize the sense of bonding when using sounds and singing to express emotion.
  • learning improvisation techniques and the fusion of diverse musical styles, and linking this to words and literature.
  • Venice itself is a fascinating soundscape, and discovery of this will form part of the course.

Open to all, the course will focus on breathing techniques, vocal warmups, the development of rhythms and listening skills, and the performance of songs from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Singing has been an integral part of human experience for thousands of years. This course enables each individual to find their own unique voice. We can, literally, be in harmony with those around us.


Teaching Professor: Gisela de Villiers

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