Dates: June 23 – June 30, 2020

What does it mean to consider a career as an artist? Depending on your talents, origin, interests, previous knowledge and your previous career, we will discuss various options.
What do you want to achieve and how can you achieve your goals? Are you dreaming of participating in international biennials or are you simply looking for practical tips for success in the art world? How do you present yourself and your work?

We will analyze some artist careers * to show different tactics and ways.

The course will cover the following topics in the morning:

  • How the art world works
  • Different models for success and failure
  • The main actors, including galleries, curators, collectors, foundations, fellow artists and collectives
  • Cooperations and networks

How do you connect with people who may be interested in your work? How do you effectively speak about your work? Who and what helps with the placement? What role do training and residencies play? How do you generate your own opportunities and build on your own success? Where is it worth investing time and energy, where not?

  • The art of selling art
  • Gallery vs. Artist network and its relevance
  • Gallery presentation ... or not? Artconsulter / -ing?
  • Social media and PR
  • The big art fairs
  • Economic thinking for the artist

The afternoon classes will be reserved for individual career advice and tutorials to support the development of your written materials and practical plans for your career. There will also be excursions to exhibitions and artists.

* Hermann Nitsch, Arnulf Rainer, Jannis Kounellis, Maria Lassnig, Louise Bourgeois, Gustav Metzger - to name just a few.

Robby Greif will get involved from Thursday on to analyze career tactics of young artists.


Teaching Professor: Christine König, Wien

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