Painting I

Dates: June 16 – June 30 2020

A training, built on the newest didactic methods, on abilities of drawing and painting, is offered to beginners, as well as to advanced artists alike:

The portrait, the human body in movement, space, colors, color mixing, strategically application of colors in painting:

Painting I is the practice of figurative representation of the human body on the basis of models and subsequently also from videos and photos of these models.

For absolute beginners the painting techniques which allow an easy entrance full of relish in the figurative painting are shown.

For the advanced, methods of experimentation are shown, to extend the known and perfected abilities attained until now. The experienced painter is challenged to develop further into new ways of expression.

Voluntary excurse:
For these interested, the expansion of the “flat canvas” will be elaborated. Starting from motives of the ceiling frescos in the Sala dei Specchi in the Palazzo Zenobio in which our studios are located, we will extend the canvas by moving images. An additional space of phantasy will evolve which is larger and not hermetically. The viewer associates freely and individually.

The piece of art starts its existence in the viewer, by thinking the separated parts together.

The co-operating models are professional dancers and actors who support the students in setting up scenes according to subjects they want.

Teaching Professor: Wolf Werdigier, Vienna


Painting II

Dates: June 16 – June 30 2020

This workshop is based on combinations and experiments on the following given themes: the blending of painting and drawing techniques together with the representation of the human figure in relation to a represented space (interior, architecture, landscape).

The philosophical term "Kairos" has always fascinated me, as it is the best time for a decision. That's why we're looking for the moment when we can capture pictures timelessly.

The aim of the seminar is to explore how the painted and the drawn can interact and merge, thereby influencing and stimulating the figure into a certain spatiality of our subjective perception.

Imagination, interpretation, intuition and the dissolution of the boundaries of reality allow for a kind of construction of the image in which we can experiment with the different physical states of a person.

Then we will try in an authentic way the common path that brings us from the naturalistic representation to expressive or even abstract interpretations. Just where the imagination gets space, the image emerges as a theater for a performance without transience. There we experience the phenomenon "Kairos", and the picture becomes an installation where an action without story is told.

The seminar begins with exercises and theory to capture the proportions, the anatomy and the three-dimensionality of the body as well as spatial perspective. We will work indoors as well as outdoors with and without a model. We will then develop and edit combinations of different studies in our studio.

The course is conceived as Work in Progress, where the work process plays a very important role and where in the end each picture becomes an experience, a separate staging between out and inner worlds.

Techniques: pencils, charcoal, graphite, pastels, crayons, oil pastels, watercolor or acrylic (or both), watercolor paper (300 g), screens of your choice.

Teaching Professor: Lucia Riccelli, Vienna

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