Dates: June 23 - June 30, 2019

New Media Technologies in Music, Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Performance and Film

Today the New Media are with certainty the strongest driving force of the advancement of the arts. Just as at the beginning of the 20th century the industrial revolution, enlightment and the psychoanalysis have changed the arts, today Internet, Facebook and Twitter, as well as Smartphones and Apps are the strongest impulses.

Within the master class "New Media Art" we examine the new technologies in the arts and carry out a concrete project in practice. Beginning with an overview on the technical possibilities, the new forms of expression will be applied in practice. These can be graphic technologies, tracking (sensors) procedures, simulation and animation, projection technologies, mobile devices, general sound syntheses and picture syntheses.

Every participant will experiment in his own art discipline with support and knowledge of the lecturer, to develop a concrete project. In this sense the master class „New Media Art“ is an expansion in the present art of every participant, if this is painting, photography, sculpture, creative writing or music.

With the production of this project the participant will decide which technical means will be used: the construction of Apps, the use of projection mapping procedures, the construction of sound-reactive visuals, virtual reality interactive environments, or other technologies. At the beginning of the class an overview about these different possibilities will be given. In this way the existing art skills of the student will be expanded into the New Media Art world.

The final product is presented at the Saturday presentation. All the projects will be realized using vvvv (, an hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development.

The participants of the class, who have no or little programming knowledge, will be provided with external support.


The technical possibilities and their applications in installation, performance, sculpture, painting and film

  • Computer graphic
  • Virtual and Augmented Environments
  • Animation / simulation
  • Interactive Technologies / Sensory (Tracking)
  • Interface design and concepts

The practical project

  • To develop an artistic work by the means of digital media.
  • Development of prototypes in independent work or with the help of a programmer.
  • Exhibition / performance / presentation of the projects.

Technical requirements

  • Windows PC or Mac with a Windows partition (vvvv software is only Windows)
  • Available software and hardware should be brought with you. (laptop, mobile phone, etc.)

Teaching Professor: Natan Sinigaglia, Varese

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