Dates: June 23 – June 30, 2019

This masterclass gives a big overview of the substantial components of music composition and production. Here both the process and the practice are well-grounded:

Starting with the selection and importing of samples, the construction of a drum library, mixing and mastering up to the export of the work we will deal with composing and production of music.

In this practical course we also deal with the pros and cons of common music software, as well as with technical requirements and work with hardware and plug-ins.

Brenk Sinatra's focus is on producing an organic and dynamic sound; based on a small excursion into the world of vintage synthesizers, tips and tricks for retro synths and their software counterparts are discussed.

Brenk Sinatra's is betraying secrets from more than 20 years Beat production for internationally renowned musicians and so it is also seen behind the scenes, how to "live from music."

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced.

Teaching Professor: Brenk Sinatra, Vienna

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