Q: Where is the Palazzo Zenobio? How do I get there?
A: Dorsoduro 2596, Venezia, closest Vaporetto station is San Basilio

Q: Can I come by any time and have a look?
A: All visitors can come by on Saturday the 15th of July for the exhibition of the academy students. All visitors are welcome on that day.

Q: Can I change from one course to another?
A: The choice of the course is not changeable for the first week. Every week after that it's possible to change to any of the three other courses.

Q: Can I participate as a completely inexperienced beginner, who never has done any kind of artwork?
A: One of the most essential parts of the International Summer Academy Venice is that everybody can learn the basic tools for doing art. In the recent years extraordinary refined methods have been developed, which give also beginners the chance to work as artists within a very short time.

Q: Is it possible to register for one week only?
A: As the number of participants within one class is limited (max. 15), professors are able to talk with every student individually. Therefore it is also possible to participate only during one week and to be sure to get the most out of it.

However, due to the didactic methods of the International Summer Academy Venice, progress will be disproportionally higher when you have enough time not only to learn but also to apply what you have learned. This would require at least two weeks, better three weeks.

Furthermore students can take most advantage of  the exchange of ideas and impulses with other courses if they stay for more than one week.

Q: Which language is the teaching language?
A: In all courses students have the possibility to be trained either in German or English.

Q: Which certificates are available?
A: Every participant will receive a certificate for participating in the International Summer Academy Venice. Students from public universities within the European Community are eligible for 4 points on courses which are outside their usual course of study. The Summer Academy Venice can give certificates with 2 points per week attended successfully. This means that up to two weeks participation at the Summer Academy Venice can be accounted for regular studies of any kind. For students within art studies all three weeks can be counted.

Q: Can I bring friends or partners with me?
A: Friends or partners of participants are welcome to the Summer Academy Venice. We also offer a one-day program in photography and video as well as Social Dreaming if wanted. They must only pay a registration fee.

Q: Which accommodation do you recommend?
A: You can choose your accommodation according to your wishes and personal preferences. Please find a list of recommended accomodations by previous participants at the link: Accommodation .

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