Documentation of the Summeracademy Venice

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The Summeracademy Venice in Publications

Neue Zürcher Zeitung "Ferien mit Köpfchen" (Jan 31st 2008):

The Guardian "Beats the local FE college" (Feb 14th 2009):

Salzburger Nachrichten "Venedig verschwindet" (vom 16.2. 2013)
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Some quotations of students

“Teachers have been excellent at working with individual students and helping them with their own interests and skills. They were also excellent at giving feedback for our painting of the human body. I especially enjoyed having our exhibition at Trattoria alla Madonna. Thank you to the professors and assistants.”

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to try different techniques and abstract ideas.”

“I liked most the competence and well-informed teachers, as well as the many exhibitions to see.”

“I appreciated most the intensive, quick painting and the good balance between inputs from the class and the individual liberties in our own art!”

“…Many thanks for such interesting courses in Venice. There was a lot of fun!”

“… The atmosphere was inspiring, the classes extremely motivating. The morning sessions of dreams and spontaneous painting were highly innovative. Painting of live models has been extremely challenging for me. But at the same time I am relaxing and improving!”

“… Never have I been so focused, possibly only at the most extreme physical exhaustion when I forget all my problems and have my head free, like I was during this time.”

“… Teenagers extremely enjoyed learning to look for appropriate motifs and developing their photographs in the dark room, even forgetting to eat and sleep!”

“Many thanks for the wonderful two weeks. I hope that you returned back home with a feeling of a great accomplishment for your Summer Academy in Venice. I and the others I met there were very satisfied with the whole experience. Congratulations…”

“…The memories of Venice and your wonderful work are still very close to me, and personally something very important has changed for me…”

“…The week in Venice was very impressive for me. I had a lot of fun while painting ... I would like to warmly thank you for the courses and the opportunities that have opened for me. Who knows, maybe I will return to Venice.“

“The summer academy has given me very much fun and I hope that I can participate again next year.”

“I would like to thank you for this wonderful week, I feel very happy and my head is still in Venice! I have the feeling that I have learned a lot ... it was a really interesting and beautiful time!”

“Sincere thanks for the intense and beautiful days in Venice. If it is possible, I will gladly come back next year and who knows, maybe I can convince a friend to come with me.”

“The atmosphere between tutors and the students, whatever the nationality or background, was great! The class, as well as the surroundings, was all in all a great experience! I learned a lot and met lovely people from all the classes!”

“The mixture of the right level of stimulation was optimal and therefore working was very productive!“

“Due to the small classes we enjoyed a very personal cooperation with the professors, which created a great working atmosphere and a great experience that enriched my life!”

“The event within the scope of the “Wiener Vorlesungen in Venedig” gave us the opportunity to exchange with real market experts like Harry Lybke or Gerd Wyss!”

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