Palazzo Zenobio

The Palazzo Zenobio is an old palazzo and offers large and inspiring rooms as well as a big park in the courtyard. The palazzo is situated at a canal and the rooms face either the canal or the private park.

The courses and workshops take place in the large rooms of the palazzo, in the private park and the city of Venice as well as in the lagoon.


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Palazzo Zenobio 
Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael
Dorsoduro 2596 | 30123 Venezia

Equipment and Infrastructure

Permanent infrastructure like easels, technical equipment as far as it is not individual for film and photography etc. are provided by the Summer Academy. Individual equipment such as camera, laptop etc. you should bring with you. Colors, canvas and other materials we will need to use, you may bring with you or buy at the Palazzo.


Reservation, booking and payment for accommodation has to be organized individually. Of course you can choose any other accomodation according to your preferences. Here you find some recommended adresses: accommodation



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