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The International Summer Academy for Fine Arts and Media, Venice was founded by professors who have been teaching at European and U.S. schools. They are combiningthe didactic, factual knowledge of a university degree together with the freely accessible, open atmosphere of the Summer Academy. The teaching staff is changing from year to year but the continuity remains because of the academy's teaching concept.


Wallace Whitney

Luise Nagel

Founded in 1973, the Produzentengalerie Hamburg became one of the leading galleries in Germany since the 1980s. Luise Nagel is partner since 2015.

The gallery is well-known for having constantly pursued an innovative, cutting-edge exhibition program and for discovering new aesthetic positions.

The gallery represents internationally renowned artists such as Thomas Scheibitz, Thomas Schütte, Andreas Slominski, and Olaf Metzel all of whom have had their works exhibited in various art institutions and are collected by some of the world’s most reputable international museums.

In addition to those established positions, the gallery offers a platform for new talents in contemporary German art (for example Ulla von Brandenburg, Jonas Burgert, Volker Hüller or Nicole Wermers).

The gallery organizes five solo or group exhibitions annually and participates in major international art shows.

Class: Career of an Artist 
Website: www.produzentengalerie.com


Wallace Whitney

Karen Stuke

Karen Stuke completed her studies in Photo and Film Design at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and graduated under Gottfried Jäger and Jürgen Heinemann in 1999.

1996 she achieved a foreign exchange scholarship for the Academie Minerva in Groningen, the Netherlands.

In 1999, Stuke received a crucial grant from the Arts Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia. To this day, she has been working as a freelance photographer for many renowned artists and artistic institutions such as Gottfried Pilz at the Vienna State Opera, Oper Leipzig, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Oper der Stadt Köln, Opéra Comique Paris and the Los Angeles Opera.

She founded her own project space called »Kronenboden« in Berlin, where she focusses primarily on the intersections between visual and performing arts.

Solo exhibitions

2014 “Opera obscura di Napoli”, Teatro Kismet Opera Bari, Italy, organised by Museo Nuova Era and PrimoPiano Napoli
2013 “Stuke after Sebald’s Austerlitz”, The Wapping Project, London
2012 “Meistersinger & Co.”, Kronenboden, Berlin, Germany
2011 “Opera Obscura di Napoli”, PAN, Naples, Italy
“Opera Obscura”, Galleria PrinoPiano, Naples


“Opera Obscura di Napoli”/PrimoPiano Editioni

Die deutsche Bühne 10/2011
“Die Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen“
ISSN 0011-975X

“Der gedehnte Blick”
ISBN 978-3-942311-00-7

“Es werde Dunkel! Nachtdarstellungen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst”
ISBN 978-3-927877-73-3

Class: Photography II
Website: www.KarenStuke.de



Wallace Whitney

Laurent Montaron

Laurent Montaron was born in 1972 in Verneuilsur-Avre, he lives and works in Paris.

Laurent Montaron frequently draws inspiration from the recent history of technologies, expressing in his work, in a suggestive and fascinating way, different means by which these technical inventions renew our perception and our understanding of the world, in playing with different mediums of recording reality, and these distortions or filters that they generate. 

His work questions the tools that shape our representations. By revealing the sometimes irrational element of belief involved with emerging techniques ; his work remind us that while technology has provided us with new means of perceiving and representing reality it has not necessarily brought us closer from ‘the truth’ for it has also given rise to new ways for questioning paradoxes attendant on our awareness of modernity.

Laurent Montaron’s work homes in on the paradoxes attendant on our awareness of modernity, and simultaneously on the tools that shape our representations, revealing the sometimes irrational element of belief involved.

Solo Shows

2016 Dioramas, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Fondation D’Entreprise Ricard, Paris, FR
2014 Everything is accidental, Schleicher Lange Gallery, Berlin, GE
Everything is accidental, Mercer Union, Toronto, CA
Le origini del film, Palazzo Grassi | Francois Pinault Foundation, Venice, IT
Everything we see could be something else, Monitor, Rome, IT
2013 Pigna Project Space, Rome, IT
Prospective Cinema: Laurent Montaron, Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR

Group Shows

2016 Inauguration au 5 Rue du mail, Triple V, Paris, FR
2015 Eppur si muove, MUDAM, Luxembourg, LUX
Anatomie de l’Automate, La Panaceé, Centre de Culture Contemporaine, Montpellier, FR
2014 Open Museum/Open City, MAXXI, Rome, IT
Helicotrema, Recorded audio Festival – Documentation Center for Visual Art, Milan, IT
Future Projections, Toronto International Film Festival, curated by Georgina Jackson, Toronto, CA
Le monde du silence, CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, FR
2013 55. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte – Il Palazzo Enciclopedico, Venice Biennial, Venice, IT
Nouvelles Vagues – Le Principe Galapagos, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
A Non-spatial continuum (…), galerie schleicher+lange, Berlin, GE


2013 A theatre Cycle
PARFUMS POURPRES DU SOLEIL DES PO^LES, music performance in collaboration with Ulla von Brandenburg, Julien Discrit, Thomas Dupouy, Nomas Foundation al Teatro Valle Occupato, Roma
2011 PARFUMS POURPRES DU SOLEIL DES PÔLES, music performance in collaboration with Ulla von Brandenburg, Julien Discrit, Thomas Dupouy , South London Gallery, London (GB)
2012 PARFUMS POURPRES DU SOLEIL DES PÔLES, music performance in collaboration with Ulla von Brandenburg, Julien Discrit, Thomas Dupouy, Nuit Blanche, Eglise Saint Séverin, Paris (F)

Class: Photography II
Website: www.schleicherlange.com


Judy Fox

Andrzej Wełminski

Andrzej Wełmiński was born in Krakow in 1952 and studied in the Graphics Faculty of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1977.

He works as a fine art painter and the installation artist, director, stage designer and performer.

Andrzej Wełmiński’s works intimately reflect the artist’s approach towards history, philosophy and creativity. Having lived and worked in Poland, since 1973 as a member of Tadeusz Kantor’s Cricot 2 Theatre company and in close relationship with the Foksal Gallery, Welminski continues to make pictures and to direct student groups in the ways and methods of the Cricot 2 Theatre.

His works address the history of his native country, particularly in relation to the censorship and devastation inflicted on its people and culture by the Nazi and Soviet occupation regimes. In the process of addressing these particular aspects, however, Wełmiński’s art evokes universal themes about life and death, entrapment and escape, and our own interface between individual and the collective history.

His works were performed and exhibited by several major institutions across Europe and overseas, from Sao Paolo through Tehran.

Class: Sculpture
Website: www.welmiski.pl



Fiorenzo Bertan

Fiorenzo Bertan

Fiorenzo Bertan is a professor at the University of Architecture IUAV in Venice (Italy), Department of Architectural Design, as a teacher in Architectural Drawing and Survey, and History of Technical Representation. Also teaches an Architectural Design Workshop for the Master’s Degree in Architecture of IUAV. He was the Director (1998-2008) of the Master for “Teacher in Art and Drawing” of SSIS Veneto – School of Specialization for High School Teachers – at the University of Cà Foscari in Venice, where he was a teacher of “Theory and History of Architectural Representation.” From 2010 onwards he hs sat on the teachers board of Ph.D. in “Educational and cognitive Sciences” at the University of Cà Foscari. He is the Director of “Drawing Library” (Biblioteca del Disegno) for the Venice Publisher “Cavallino”. He had conferences and lessons in various Universities and Public Institutions in Italy.

Class: Experimental Architecture
Website: www.iuav.it


Fiorenzo Bertan

Sergio Los

Sergio Los, forerunner of bioclimatic architecture, studied architecture at the IUAV in Venice, where he graduated in 1963. Working with Carlo Scarpa in his office and the University, in 1967 he published his first book on his work, Carlo Scarpa Architect Poet, followed by other books and articles on the thinking through figures that have appeared in Italy and abroad.

Since 1964, Sergio Los carries out teaching and research activities at the IUAV, where he will be Professor of Interior Architecture (1967-1971), Urban Design (1972-1978) and Architectural Composition (1979-2000). In parallel, the early sixties leads his professional career in Venice and Padua. In 1982 he founded, along with Natasha F. Pulitzer, "Synergia", a design activity committed in multi-scale architecture, construction and urban planning, research, training, event organization, with offices in Venice, Padua, Milan, Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa.

In 1969 he received in Brussels on PLEA XIII International Award for having "pursued the integration between the art and science of architecture in the planning, teaching and research." In 1998 in Florence gets the "Pioneer Award" from the WREN for contributions in the field of renewable energy. In 2000, the SAIE devotes a section of the exhibition "Sustainable Building". In 2003 he received the European Award in Berlin Eurosolar his career. His publications include: Mandala (1969) The organization of complexity (1976), The architecture of evolution (with Natasha Pulitzer 1977), Habitat & energy (with Adriano Cornoldi 1979), The Architecture of Regionalism (with Natasha Pulitzer, 1985), Regionalism Architecture (1990) Carlo Scarpa (1993), Carlo Scarpa. Architecture Guide (1995); Characters environmental architecture (1999), Geography of Architecture (2012).

Class: Experimental Architecture
Website: www.iuav.it


Gloria Alonso

born in Vigo, Galicia, 1976.

Education/ Studies
in Vigo, Oviedo, Bilbao, San Sebastán, Betanzos, Angers, Rio de Janeiro and Berlin

Etching, silk screen, lithography, photography, woodcut, offset, art- + letterpress

From 2011 lives and works in Berlin as coordinator and professor of engraving at the Print Studio in Kunstlerhaus Bethanien.

2010 Master Degree in Fine Arts (specialization Graphics Arts), Academy of Fine Arts, Vigo, Spain.

Since 2012 head of the "Radierwerkstatt in der Druckwerkstatt des Kulturwerks/ bbk berlin"


2015 "Radierung 1" Collective exhibition. Hochparterre Gallery, Berlin.
"Alles Zusammen" Solo exhibition. Ill Galleries, Berlin.
COLLECTIVE-CONNECTIVE from BERLIN. Chef-d' œuvre. Osaka, Tokyo.
2014 "La journée de l´estampe" Group exhibition. Paris.
"Metrópolis" Collective exhibition. Venecia, Berlin, Sao Paulo.
“Aufgekratz und tief gedruckt” Collective exhibition. Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin.
2011 "Totum Revolotum" Collective exhibition. Amalgama (permanent center of gravity) Vigo, Spain.
2010 "Impressões Ibéricas" Exhibition with Rui Pedro Jorge (Lisboa). Contemporary Art Gallery LGC, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
"De ida y vuelta" Solo exhibition. Gallery EBA7, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2009 Group exhibition. Contemporary Art Center Arteleku, San Sebastian, País Vasco. Spain.
2008 “Comme le soir tu fais lorsque...” Collective exhibition at Chateau d'Oiron, Contemporary Art Center. Pays de la Loire, France.
2005 "Desdebuxos" Collective exhibition. Sala X, Academy of Fine Arts, Pontevedra, Spain.

Class: Typography
Website: www.bbk-bildungswerk.de


Paolo Olbi

Our activity begins in 1962.

We produce gift articles in leather and 'marmorata' paper, as clipboards, phone rubricas, photo albums, table services, photo frames, notebooks, conference folders, cards with hand-printed 'capolettera'. Every piece we create is unique, made by following a careful, traditional crafting.

We create our articles by following the same methods and materials of an old tradition, with a bit of geniality. For our most special artistic book-bindings, we are supported by artistic marble, glass, silver crafters.

We mainly work by-hand, helped by some antique machines, like first 1900's typographical presses, or trances for the press to warmth on leather.

In 1975 we started a new production for our environment, the production of artisting book-binding articles, experimenting new links between the typical craftings of Venice, and the traditional book-binding. We created, in this way, artistic objects never seen before in their kind, that today are often imitated, also by using modern or industrial tools.

Class: Typography
Website: olbi.atspace.com


Wallace Whitney

Jay Pather

Jay Pather is a choreographer and director based in South Africa. He graduated with an MA from New York University as a Fulbright Scholar in 1984 and since then has collaborated with visual artists, architects and urban planners, taking his inter-cultural performances into public spaces and working with the architecture of Johannesburg, Durban, London, Zanzibar, Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona, Mumbai, Muscat, New Delhi, Copenhagen, Koln and Cape Town.

He is currently Associate Professor at UCT, director of the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) and artistic director of Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre. Pather was a co-curator for Spier Contemporary 2007/8, part of the curatorial team for Spier Contemporary 2010, and conceived and directed the first Infecting the City Festival with Brett Bailey. He is currently chairperson of the National Arts Festival Artistic Committee.

Class: Art and Performance


Judy Fox

Peter Rosei

Born 17. June 1946, Vienna.

Studies of Law at the university in Vienna; 1968 Promotion Dr. jur.

1969-71 Sekretary and Manager of the painter Ernst Fuchs, later managing director of a publisher (Vienniese school- and textbooks).

Since 1972 freelance writer: scores of prose works, novels, poems, plays and audio drama, intensive travelling.

1973 - 1978 member of the "Grazer Autorinnen Autorenversammlung"

In the 90's engaging together with H.C. Artmann for the "Schule für Dichtung in Wien".

being an commited eZudem hat er als engagierter coeval he took stand to contemporary political, economical and social condition in Austria and the wolrd.

lives and works in Vienna.

Prices/ Awards:

1972 Staatsstipendium für Literatur des Bundesministeriums für Unterricht und Kunst
1973 Förderungspreis des Bundesministeriums für Unterricht und Kunst für Erzählungen
1973 Rauriser Literaturpreis des Landes Salzburg
1980 Literaturpreis des Kulturfonds der Landeshauptstadt Salzburg
1986 Elias-Canetti-Stipendium der Stadt Wien
1991 Österreichischer Würdigungspreis für Literatur
1993 Franz-Kafka-Literaturpreis der Stadt Klosterneuburg
1996 Literaturpreis der Stadt Wien
1997 Österreichisches Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und Kunst
1999 Anton-Wildgans-Preis der österr. Industrie
2007 Österreichisches Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und Kunst
2016 großes Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste um die Republik Österreichs


1975 Entwurf für eine Welt ohne Menschen. Entwurf zu einer Reise ohne Ziel (Residenz)
1977 Wer war Edgar Alan? (Residenz)
1978 Von hier nach Dort (Residenz)
1981 Die Milchstraße. Sieben Bücher (Residenz)
1990 Rebus (Klett-Cotta)
1993 Fliegende Pfeile. Reiseaufzeichnungen (Klett-Cotta)
1998 Viel früher (Gedichte Drosche)
2005 Wien Metropolis" (Klett-Cotta)
2008 Österreichs Größe, Österreichs Stolz. Ideentheater (Sonderzahl)
2009 Das Große Töten (Residenz)
2011 Geld (Residenz)
2013 Madame Stern (Residenz)
2014 Die Globalisten (Residenz )
2015 Brown vs. Calder (Sonderzahl 2015)
2016 Was tun? (Sonderzahl 2016) Politische Schriften

Class: Creative Writing - German

Website: Wikipedia


Wallace Whitney

Robert Brooks

Born in 1955 in South Africa.

Song studies (tenor) at the Salzburg Mozarteum and at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna.

1986 winners of the first price with the international competition for Liedgesang der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Vienna.

Austrian citizen since 1990.

Cooperation among other things with the Wiener Symphonikern, Orchestre National du Paris, Tonhalle Orchester Zürich, Münchener Philharmonikern und das English Chamber Orchestra, unter  Dirigenten wie Charles Dutoit, Leopold Hager, Gerd Albrecht, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, Herbert von Karajan, Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Sir Charles Macerras, Ral Gothóni, Nicolaus Harnoncourt, Horst Stein, Bruno Weil, Hans Zender, Heinz Holliger and many more.

Cooperation with numerous festivals: Salzburger Mozartwoche, Carinthischer Sommer, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Wiener Festwochen, Wien Modern, Hermann Preys Wiener Schubertiade, Brucknerfest Linz, Bad Uracher Musiktage,  Lockenhauser Kammermusikfest mit Gidon Kremer und das Festival in Mondsee mit András Schiff. Als Liedsänger hat Robert Brooks alle bedeutenden Liederzyklen gesungen u.a. mit den Pianisten Helmut Deutsch, András Schiff, Leonard Hokansson, Ingrid Hedlund, und Ralf Gothóni. Als Interpret von Musik des 20. Jahrhunderts sang er u.a. Igor Markhevitchs Le Paradis perdu,  Hans Zenders Orchesterfassung von Schuberts Die Winterreise, and The Scull of Francis Burt.

In 2001 Robert Brooks has founded together with his partner, the Finnish pianist Ingrid Hedlund, the music festival The Internationally Classical Music festival , in his homeland South Africa. The festival has slowly developed under his today's name MIAGI, "Music Is A Great Investment" to an important movement; musical education on a respectable base is offered to the youth of the country and international, intercultural projects are formed.

MIAGI leads the cape gate MIAGI Centre for Music in Soweto, concentrates upon musical education for children to increase their social standing and cultural consciousness.

Today Robert Brooks acts as a manager and artistic leader of the festival MIAGI and internationally also as a singer and pedagogue.

CDs among other things (Preiser): Songs from A. Gatscha, Brahms, Schumann and Schubert, Irish folk songs To the Heart of Irishman's country. (Gallo): No Boundaries, together with Ladysmith Black Mambazo and English Chamber Orchestra.

Class: Choral Singing
Website: www.miagi.co.za
Facebook: MIAGI


Wallace Whitney

Gisela de Villiers

Gisela de Villiers is a composer, choir director and cabaret artist.

She completed her music studies at the University of Pretoria and the University of South Africa, in South Africa.
She started her career as conductor of a prestigious girls’ choir in the capital, Pretoria. She lead youth choirs and various school choirs, performing in Europe and winning top awards in Prague, and at the World Choir Olympics in Bremen.
As a composer, her works are published internationally. She has made several CD’s in her native language, Afrikaans, and in English, and is in high demand as composer for choir works.
Gisela holds regular choral workshops all over South Africa and is national adjudicator for the most prestigious choir competition in the country named “ATKV Applous”, a multifaceted competition which also incorporates African music and rhythms into the prescribed curriculum. She has produced the following CD’s:
1. “The door is open” – own compositions
2. “Tussen vriende” – own compositions
3. Fire and Ice – a collaboration with South African poet and physician, Graham Ellis
4. “Hou jou rokkies bymekaar” with Robert Brooks
Gisela improvises on poems brought by her audiences, producing finished compositions for piano and voice. As voice artist, she also presented a live radio program, where she handled news, current affairs, and political discussions. She is, however, a total musician, and believes that the drama in music can often say much more than speech.
She is director of the company, “Infullvoice Productions”, which trains young singers and promotes artistry and the use of music as a tool for positive social change in her country.The gallery is well-known for having constantly pursued an innovative, cutting-edge exhibition program and for discovering new aesthetic positions.

Class: Choral Singing
Website: www.miagi.co.za


Judy Fox

Jens Barth

Jens Barth is a computer scientist and visual artist who lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

After completing his studies of computational visualistics in Koblenz and Adelaide, Australia, he received a scholarship at the ZKM | Centre for Media Art and Technologie and has been working as a software developer for the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics.

He has worked together with many international artists such as Chicks on Speed, Peter Weibel, rosalie, Kiyoshi Furukawa, Matthias Ockert, Tim Otto Roth and Yutaka Makino and has developed numerous Apps like »Scream«, »Sonor Field«, »Music Board« and »Small Fish«, amongst others. Apart from interactive installations such as »Chroma_Paint« and »I am Sitting in a Room, Alvin Lucier«, he also realized software for concerts such as »Cellularium«, »Hypertopsia«, »Zirkonium«, and »Amazonas Sound Table« and for exhibitions like »Ideama« and »Interactive Cinema«.

At present Jens Barth is working as a freelance artist, software developer and consultant. Besides teaching in workshops and lectures, he is juror of the innovation competition “Open Minds” for music and arts and counsellor of the “Foundation for Art & Technology, Weingarten”.

Class: New Media Art
Website: www.JensBarth.com


Wallace Whitney

Rebecca Raue

1976 born in Berlin
1997 – 03  Student at the Universität der Künste/Berlin with Georg Baselitz and Rebecca Horn
2002 – 03 Meisterschülerin von Rebecca Horn


2005 International Prag Biennale

Solo shows

2016 Sprace transforming Body, Museum Ludwiggalerie, Schloss Oberhausen
2016 Heimat anders denken, Galerie Anja Knoess, Köln
2016 Ankommen und ablegen, St. Gertrud-Kirche, Köln
2015/ 2016 Wege finden!, Galerie Kampl, München
2015 Kein Land in dieser Zeit, Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin
2015 Ankommen und ablegen, St. Matthäus-Kirche, Berlin
2014 Traveling towards the unknown, Galerie Schrade, Schloß Mochental
2014 Leise Leben denken, Galerie Kampl, München
2014 Unterdenken!, Galerie Peithner-Lichtenfels, Wien
2014 Beyond there is what lies within, BAU Art Galeri, Istanbul
2014 Listening in the absence of sound, Gallery Molly Krom, New York/USA
2013 The body became space, Schultz Contemporary, Berlin
2012 Change of Scenery, Galerie s.e., Bergen/Norwegen 
2011 Wanting the real, Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin
2010 Heimat und Weite, Galerie Heike Curtze, Wien/Österreich
2009 Inside, Galerie Verger, Tokio/Japan
2009 Wo ist Wahrheit, Kunshalle Vierseithof, Luckenwalde


Class: Painting III
Web: www.RebeccaRaue.de


Wallace Whitney

Sergej Glinkov

Sergej Glinkov was born in Kiev (Ukraine) in 1963.

Graduated from one of the top Art Schools in the country, in 1981 he relocated to Venice, Italy, to study art of painting in depth. In Venice he graduated with a Master degree in painting from Academy of Fine Arts and then in architecture from Venice IUAV University.

Sergej has obtained several awards and mentions such as the Grand Prix for painting from the “XLII-nd International painting ex-tempore”, Piran, Slovenia, 2007; Acquisition prize from the “Bevilacqua La Masa 1986”, Venice; Golden medal 1-st Prize at “Young Europe art contest”, Bassano, Italy, 1985.

The works of Sergej are part of several public and private collections in Italy and abroad, including the prestigious collection of the Museum of Modern Art Ca ‘Pesaro of Venice, Italy and the Obalne Galleries of Piran, Slovenia. His Art has been also published in numerous magazines and journals. A full illustrated monographic catalog “sergej glinkov – 1000io” with texts in Italian, German and English was published in 2007.

Presently, he lives and works in Triest, Italy.

Class: Painting II 
Website: elenacantori.com/2015/02/


Judy Fox

Wolf Werdigier 

Wolf Werdigier studied architecture in Vienna and London as well as painting and design with Jaap Bakema, Xenia Hausner, Jakobo Borges, Herman Nietsch, Markus Lüpertz. Works include urban designs, installations and city interventions. Visiting professor at the Pratt Institute of New York and at the University of Stuttgart. Works in the area of interactive art and paintings with exhibitions in Vienna, Barcelona and Vieussan, France, New York, Jerusalem, Philadelphia, Venice.

Since 2003 founder and director of the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts & MEdia | Venice.

Since 2015 co-founder and artist of the Produzentengalerie Wien


2016 Love Sick
15 Tage Diolog durch 2
10 SQM Vienna
Die Geburt der Bilder
2015 My work with Willie Bester
2014 Truth and Reconciliation
Urbo Kune
The South African - European Studio
2013 The Point of No Return
Der Augeblick
2012 13 Ways To Look on a Love Story
2011 Kicken, Kunst und Kebab
Fathomizing Memory
Der Weibliche Blick auf den Körper des Mannes
2010 Werdigier – Abstraktionen
Das Phantasma der Ausländer
2009 Websearch Your Life
Die Spittelberg-Bilder, Bilder einer Musik
2008 Afrika
Afrika II
2007 Goethe's italienische Reise
Der Wunderblock
Du sollst dir (k)ein Bild machen
Die Gefahr des Schosses heisst Stille
Berlin 1933 - Wien 1938
Colour and Identity
Das Leben: Zufall oder Wiederholung?
2006 Hidden Images
2003 Eurydice Project
Eurydice II
2002 Mix-Tape
2000 Denk-Mal
1991 City Scenarios
1989      Sfarad
1985 Les Fleurs Du Mal

Class: Painting I
Contact: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Website: www.WolfWerdigier.com


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