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The International Summer Academy for Fine Arts and Media, Venice was founded by professors who have been teaching at European and U.S. schools. They are combiningthe didactic, factual knowledge of a university degree together with the freely accessible, open atmosphere of the Summer Academy. The teaching staff is changing from year to year but the continuity remains because of the academy's teaching concept.


Nemanja Nikolic Summer acadamy venice 2019

Nemanja Nikolić

Nemanja Nikolić (born 1987) graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2010, department of Painting. Currently a student of doctoral art studies at same faculty. Since 2007 his works was exhibited on numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. He has won several awards, such as Award for drawing from Vladimir Veličković Fund, special award for mural and wall installation from Raiffeisen Bank and Gallery 12HUB and Award for an exceptional creative innovation from Miloš Bajić Fund. His works featured in many private and public collections including ABN AMRO collection in Amsterdam, The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles, WAP Foundation in Seoul, Telenor Collection in Belgrade, Collection of October Salon (Cultural Center of Belgrade) etc.

Nemanja Nikolić is initiator of Belgrade based U10 Art Space.

Lives and works in Belgrade.

Selected solo shows:

2018 - Vanishing Fiction, U10 Art Space, Belgrade
2018 - Field of Teleportation, Belgrade Youth Center, Belgrade
2018 - It’s ok. Go, Navigator Art Gallery, Belgrade
2018 - New Paintings, Rima Gallery, Kragujevac (Serbia)
2017 – Samples of the Liquid Book, Galerie DIX9, Paris
2017 - Volta New York, Galerie DIX9, New York
2017 - Code Art Fair, Galerie DIX9, Copenhagen
2017 - Contemporary Istanbul, Galerie DIX9, Istanbul
2017 - Trains Planes Waves Hands, MKM4, Belgrade
2016 - UNTITLED Art Fair, Miami Beach
2016 - Instead of the Ending, Cultural Center of Kragujevac, Kragujevac
2015 - Instead of the Ending, Cultural Center of Belgrade, Belgrade
2015 - Samples of the Liquid Book, U10 Art Space, Belgrade
2012 - Visible Things, U10 Art Space, Belgrade

Selected group shows:

2018 - Chalk (curator Judith Van Meeuwen), Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort (Nederlands)
2018 - 57th October Salon (Belgrade Biennale), curated by Gunnar & Danielle Kvaran, Belgrade
2018 - First Biennale of Young Artists ART EX-YU (curated by Sava Stepanov), The Center for Contemporary Art
of Montenegro, Podgorica (Montenegro)
2018 - Art Rotterdam, Galerie Dix9 , Rotterdam
2018 - Anatomy of the Flight (curated by Milica Lapcevic), Aeronautical Museum, Belgrade
2017 - Art and Film,120 years of Exchange (curator Dominique Paini), CaixaForum Madrid
2017 - Drawing Now Paris (11), Galerie Dix9, Paris
2016 - romANTIsch (curators Stella Bach and Claudia Maria), Künstlerhaus, Vienna
2016 - Art and Film, 120 years of Exchange (curator Dominique Paini), Caixa Forum Barcelona
2016 - 56 October Salon, The Pleasure of Love (curator David Elliott), Belgrade
2016 - Drawing Now Paris (10), Galerie Dix9, Paris
2016 - Book Memories, Galerie Dix9 Helene Lacharmoise, Paris
2016 - Liber Numericus, Stereolux / Platforme Intermedia, Nantes
2016 - (Para)matters of Perception, / U10 art Collective, Project Space (Projektraum), Uqbar, Berlin
2015 - Liste Art Fair, U10, Basel
2015 - Parallel, U10, Vienna
2015 - Constellation (Curated by Svetlana Montua), Serbian Cultural Center in Paris
2015 - Art Market, U10, Budapest
2013/2014 - Ex-ordinary, No Borders No Nation, City gallery Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo; U10 Art Space, Belgrade; Center for Contemporary Art Montenegro, Podgorica
2013 - Mixer Festival, Thrill in Movement, About and Around Curating, Belgrade
2013 - From – to, MKM4, Belgrade
2013 - Hard to be... Within the Time (curator Biljana Tomić), Geozavod, Belgrade
2012 - Bound (curated by Sofia Touboura, Maria Lianou, Nana Sachini), OpenShowstudio, Athens
2012 - Mixer Festival, The most beautiful building (curated by Milica Pekić and Ana Adamović), Belgrade
2012 - What I’m doing, MKM4, Belgrade
2011 - Transform in Art Education, National Academy of Art, Sofia
2011 - Drawings (curated by Dejan Grba), Goethe-Institut, Belgrade
2010 - Through drawing (curated by Miroslav Karić), MKM4, Belgrade


2013 - Special Award for mural and wall installation, New Wall contest, Raiffeisen Bank and Gallery 12HUB
2011 - Award for drawing, Vladimir Veličković Fund
2009 - Award for an creative innovation, Miloš Bajić Fund
2009 - Award for drawing, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
2007 - Award for drawing, Evening Nude class, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade

Class: Moving Images
Website: nemanjanikolic.com


gisela de villiers 200

Gisela de Villiers

Gisela de Villiers is a composer, choir director and cabaret artist.

She completed her music studies at the University of Pretoria and the University of South Africa, in South Africa.
She started her career as conductor of a prestigious girls’ choir in the capital, Pretoria. She lead youth choirs and various school choirs, performing in Europe and winning top awards in Prague, and at the World Choir Olympics in Bremen.
As a composer, her works are published internationally. She has made several CD’s in her native language, Afrikaans, and in English, and is in high demand as composer for choir works.
Gisela holds regular choral workshops all over South Africa and is national adjudicator for the most prestigious choir competition in the country named “ATKV Applous”, a multifaceted competition which also incorporates African music and rhythms into the prescribed curriculum. She has produced the following CD’s:
1. “The door is open” – own compositions
2. “Tussen vriende” – own compositions
3. Fire and Ice – a collaboration with South African poet and physician, Graham Ellis
4. “Hou jou rokkies bymekaar” with Robert Brooks
Gisela improvises on poems brought by her audiences, producing finished compositions for piano and voice. As voice artist, she also presented a live radio program, where she handled news, current affairs, and political discussions. She is, however, a total musician, and believes that the drama in music can often say much more than speech.
She is director of the company, “Infullvoice Productions”, which trains young singers and promotes artistry and the use of music as a tool for positive social change in her country.The gallery is well-known for having constantly pursued an innovative, cutting-edge exhibition program and for discovering new aesthetic positions.

Class: Choral Singing
Website: www.miagi.co.za


miro svolik at the summer academy venice 2019

Miro Švolík

Miro Švolík was born in Zlaté Moravce, Slovakia, in 1960. He lives in Prague, Czech Republic. In 1987, he was awarded a degree in art photography from Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). 2009-2017, he was the Head of the Creative Photography Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia. Since 2018, he has been the Head of the Photography Studio at the Art & Design Institut, Prague, Czech Republic.

His work has been featured in over sixty solo exhibitions and two hundred group shows. He has exhibited his photographs in various European countries, several times in the U.S., including FotoFest 1990, Perspectives, Real and Imaginary: Nineteen Contemporary Czechoslovak Photographers and FotoFest 1998, Altered Worlds: Contemporary Slovak Staged Photography. In 2011, he presented his photographs at the exhibition A Matter of Wit (Gilbert Garcin, Miro Švolík, Colin Blakely), FotoFest Headquarters Gallery, Houston.

His photographs are included in the collections of the International Center of Photography, New York, Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Since 2018, he has been head of the Photography Studio at the Art & Design Institute, Prague, Czech Republic.

read the artist statement.

Class: Photography I
Website: www.mirosvolik.cz


karen stuke sommerakademie venedig 2019

Karen Stuke

Karen Stuke completed her studies in Photo and Film Design at the Bielefeld University of Applied Science and graduated under Gottfried Jäger and Jürgen Heinemann in 1999.

1996 she achieved a foreign exchange scholarship for the Academie Minerva in Groningen, the Netherlands.

In 1999, Stuke received a crucial grant from the Arts Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia. To this day, she has been working as a freelance photographer for many renowned artists and artistic institutions such as Gottfried Pilz at the Vienna State Opera, Oper Leipzig, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Oper der Stadt Köln, Opéra Comique Paris and the Los Angeles Opera.

She founded her own project space called »Kronenboden« in Berlin, where she focusses primarily on the intersections between visual and performing arts.

Solo exhibitions

2014 “Opera obscura di Napoli”, Teatro Kismet Opera Bari, Italy, organised by Museo Nuova Era and PrimoPiano Napoli
2013 “Stuke after Sebald’s Austerlitz”, The Wapping Project, London
2012 “Meistersinger & Co.”, Kronenboden, Berlin, Germany
2011 “Opera Obscura di Napoli”, PAN, Naples, Italy
“Opera Obscura”, Galleria PrinoPiano, Naples


“Opera Obscura di Napoli”/PrimoPiano Editioni

Die deutsche Bühne 10/2011
“Die Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen“
ISSN 0011-975X

“Der gedehnte Blick”
ISBN 978-3-942311-00-7

“Es werde Dunkel! Nachtdarstellungen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst”
ISBN 978-3-927877-73-3

Class: Photography II
Website: www.KarenStuke.de


harry walter Sommerakademie Venedig 2019 w

Harry Walter

* 1953 in Stuttgart, lives and works there.

Studied philosophy, German and art history at the universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen.
Harry Walter has been working as an artist, exhibition organizer and author since 1978. In 1983, together with René Straub, he founded the artistic production association ABR-Stuttgart, which existed until 2006 and dealt in numerous exhibitions and publications with questions of the ornamental constitution of reality.

From 1985 to 1987 he worked as a lecturer in German literature at the University of Kanazawa in Japan, and subsequently held various teaching assignments at art colleges, including the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (Visiting Professorship 2004) and Karin Sander at the ETH Zurich (2007- 2013). 2009 Co-founder of the artist group "SOUP (Stuttgart Observatory of Urban Phenomena)", the artistic support office for the civil protest movement Stuttgart 21.

Walter's works move in the borderland between philosophy, literature and visual art. His solo projects as well as his collaborations with other artists are less about creating artefacts than about an "aesthetics of showing". In the process, certain everyday objects - a model railroad, a wallpaper, a found photograph, a maggifuge bottle or a television chest - are considered from the speculative point of view that the stories in which they are embedded, can be retold in any direction. The range of resources used ranges from literary and essayistic texts to lecture performances and object stagings, where genre overlaps occur and are intended as such. Walter's current projects revolve around questions of "productive failure" based on a failed perpetual motion and a gigantic but unfinished model railroad.

From January 2016 to December 2017, Harry Walter published a monthly column on photo footage in the magazine Merkur. 

Literature [selection]

  • Max Bense als Zeichner seiner Zeichen, in: Jonnie Döbele, 
Max Bense 6.12.76, 18.15 -19.20h
 Aufnahmen vom Hörsaalsitz. Köln, Walther König, 2015
  • Elf Reflexionen, in: Wolfgang Ullrich (Hrsg.), Über das Morgen hinaus, Katalogbuch zur Quadriennale Düsseldorf, 2014. Leipzig, E.A. Seemann, 2014
  • Jeans meets Khaki, in: Katharina Hohmann, Katharina Tietze (Hrsg.), Denimpop – Jeansdinge lesen. Berlin, Merve, 2013
  • Drei Bewegungsmodelle, in: Doris Titze, Thomas Hellinger (Hrsg.), Zeichen setzen im Bild. Jede Linie ist eine Weltachse. Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden, 2012
  • ABR-Stuttgart: Ornament und Versprechen. Johann-Karl Schmidt (Hrsg.), Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart, Stuttgart, quantum books, 2001, ISBN 3-935293-12-7
  • Max Bense in Stuttgart. Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach 1994, ISBN 3-929146-25-8
    Kopf und Schweif, 35 Kometenbruchstücke. Stuttgart, Ed. Rot, 1992


  • Friedlieb-Ferdinand-Runge-Preis für unkonventionelle Kunstvermittlung der Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung 2013

Class: Creative Writing - German
Website: wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Walter


Willie Bester Summer Academy Venice 2019

Willie Bester

Born in the small town of Montagu, South Africa in 1956, Willie Bester’s creative genius was apparent from a young age. Making toy cars from recycled wire just like the other kids, Willie’s draadkars would stand out from the rest with elaborate decoration and metal work. Willie’s passion for political and social issues was ignited in the early age of 10 years.

Today Willie Bester is regarded as one of South Africa's most important resistance artists. He incorporates recycled material into his paintings, assemblages and sculpture, usually commenting on political injustices and human rights issues of the day.

Solo shows [selection]
2017 Transformation, Fynarts Festival, Space Gallery, Hermanus, South Africa
2016 Comprehensiv, Art B, Bellville, South Africa
2015 Sculptures, Imibala Trust Gallery, Somerset West, South Africa
2014 Community, Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.
          Backyard, Barnard Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

Group shows [selection]
2016 This Place-This Space, Moore Gallery, Franschoek, South Africa
          Outdoor Exhibition, Mok Gallery, Stellenbosch, South Africa
          Melrose Gallery, Johannesburg South Africa
2015 Die Burger 100 years of Art at Artscape, Cape Town South Africa
          Changchun Sculpture Symposium - China

Awards [selection]
2009 Johnny Walker artists award
2004 Order  of the Disa, Member Class, Government of South Africa
2003 Honorary Medal for Promotion of Fine Arts: Suid Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kurs
1992 Prix De L'Aigle, 4th Grand Prix International D'Arts Plastiques de la Vlille de Nice, France
1991 Merit Prize : Cape Triennial

Publications [selection]
BOGATZKE, H., BROCKMANN, R., LUDSZUWEIT, C. 2000. ONDAMBO - African Art Forum. Page 30 - 49, Page 174 - 177. Gamsberg Macmillan Publishers ( Pty ) Ltd., ( ISNB 99916-0-211-9 )
FRANK, H., & D'AMATO., M., 1999. LIBERATED VOICES, Contemporary art from South Africa. Page 27. New York, London, Prestel, Munich : The Museum of African Art, ( ISBN 3-7913-2195-1 )
KONATE, Y., 2001. WILLIE BESTER. Bruxelles : Centre D'Art Contemporain
LEE, D., 2006. WILLIE BESTER, ART AS A WEAPON, Awareness Publishing Group ( Pty) LTD., ( ISBN 1-77008-178-X )
LITTLEFIELD KASFIR, S., 1999. CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN ART. Page. 159 -161. London : Thames & Hudson, ( ISBN 0-500-20328-8 )

Class: Sculpture I
Website: williebester.co.za


A1 815x1024

Andrzej Wełminski

Andrzej Wełmiński was born in Krakow in 1952 and studied in the Graphics Faculty of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1977.

He works as a fine art painter and the installation artist, director, stage designer and performer.

Andrzej Wełmiński’s works intimately reflect the artist’s approach towards history, philosophy and creativity. Having lived and worked in Poland, since 1973 as a member of Tadeusz Kantor’s Cricot 2 Theatre company and in close relationship with the Foksal Gallery, Welminski continues to make pictures and to direct student groups in the ways and methods of the Cricot 2 Theatre.

His works address the history of his native country, particularly in relation to the censorship and devastation inflicted on its people and culture by the Nazi and Soviet occupation regimes. In the process of addressing these particular aspects, however, Wełmiński’s art evokes universal themes about life and death, entrapment and escape, and our own interface between individual and the collective history.

His works were performed and exhibited by several major institutions across Europe and overseas, from Sao Paolo through Tehran.

Class: Sculpture II
Website: www.welmiski.pl


Jay Pather 02

Jay Pather

Jay Pather is a choreographer and director based in South Africa. He graduated with an MA from New York University as a Fulbright Scholar in 1984 and since then has collaborated with visual artists, architects and urban planners, taking his inter-cultural performances into public spaces and working with the architecture of Johannesburg, Durban, London, Zanzibar, Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona, Mumbai, Muscat, New Delhi, Copenhagen, Koln and Cape Town.

He is currently Associate Professor at UCT, director of the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts (GIPCA) and artistic director of Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre. Pather was a co-curator for Spier Contemporary 2007/8, part of the curatorial team for Spier Contemporary 2010, and conceived and directed the first Infecting the City Festival with Brett Bailey. He is currently chairperson of the National Arts Festival Artistic Committee.

Class: Art and Performance


anita beckers summer academy venice 2019

Anita Beckers

until 1984 Teacher for office management

1990 Publishing house for prints and multiples within contemporary art
1992 Organization and realization of a symposium on performance and extended art forms at the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt (publication)
1993 realization of an international performance-festival in collaboration with the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and ASA European at the Mathildenhöhe in Darmstadt
1994 Author and publisher of „Life Is Art Enough,“ a book about the performance project
1995 Opening of a gallery for contemporary art in Darmstadt
since 1998 Gallery and art project space in Frankfurt

From 1999 – 2003 board member at the Institute for New Media, Frankfurt
Since 2000 continual support and exhibition of film and video art in the gallery
From 2003 – 2010 Jury and organizational member of the video art fair LOOP in Barcelona

2005 Media art award of the Saarländischen Rundfunk Saarbrücken for the intermediation of video art

2006-2010 „ Satellite“ exhibition space for young talents, City Hall Frankfurt
Projects were for example: Professors with their students. Candice Breitz, Christian Janecke, Bjoern Melhus, Dieter Kießling among others
2008 „Worlds on Video,“ Palazzo Strozzi (Strozzina), curated by Anita Beckers
2011 Establishment of the internet platform www.blinkvideo.de with Julia Soekeland
2013 „Non Literal, “exhibition for the first B 3 Biennale for the Moving Image, Frankfurt
2015 Curator for Art at B3 Biennale in Frankfurt
2015 “Bewegte Bilder”, Kunstverein Marburg curated by Anita Beckers
2017 Curator for Art at B3 Biennale in Frankfurt
Worldwide participation at panels on the topic of video art in Korea, Japan, Brazil, France, Germany, among others
One-Week series of lectures for Goethe Institute in Taiwan on moving image
Diverse jury activities for art fairs, art academies and workshops in media classes

Class: Artists Career
Website: galerie-beckers.com


Portrait Natan Sinigaglia Teacher at the Summer Academy of Fine Arta and Media Venice 2018 web

Natan Sinigaglia

Natan Sinigaglia is a sound and visual artist based in Varese, Italy.

With a strong background in music, contemporary dance and realtime graphics, he creates canvases where languages loose their boundaries and share forms and meanings.

In the year 2008 Sinigaglia co-founded Abstract Birds artistic duo, together with Pedro Mari. Between 2008 and 2013 the duo produces and performs sound-visual projects in many prestigious international festivals. In addition to the artist role , he’s also the technical director and main programmer of all Abstract Birds projects.

Between 2011 and 2014 Sinigaglia collaborates with the London based visual artist Quayola, producing artworks and Performances under the name of Quayola & Sinigaglia.

In 2015, driven by the necessity of exploring themes related to body-space relationship and contemporary art’s fruition, he starts to produce artworks in form of interactive site-specific installations.

Natan Sinigaglia gives lectures and workshops about generative code and sound-visual art in international festivals.

Sinigaglia’s work has been exhibited and performed at Cite’ de la Musique, Paris; Roundhouse, London; Tribeca Film Festival, New York; Arsenal, Metz; Le Centquatre, Paris; LeCube, Paris; Nemo, Paris; Auditorium, Bordeaux; Nova, Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo; Elektra, Montreal; Freemote, Utrecht; Node, Frankfurt; MIGZ, Moscow; Milan Design Week, Milano; Celeste Prize, New York City; Ars Electronica, Lintz; VIA, Pittsburgh; Screenplay, Berlin; Troyka Multispace, Moscow; UCS, Los Angeles; Node, Frankfurt; OFFFmx2015, Mexico City; NoPlace2, Fombio, Festival Ars Musica, Bruxelles, Saatchi Gallery, London.

Class: New Media Art
Website: natansinigaglia.com


Werdigier WolfI

Wolf Werdigier

Wolf Werdigier studied architecture in Vienna and London as well as painting and design with Jaap Bakema, Xenia Hausner, Jakobo Borges, Herman Nietsch, Markus Lüpertz. Works include urban designs, installations and city interventions. Visiting professor at the Pratt Institute of New York and at the University of Stuttgart. Works in the area of interactive art and paintings with exhibitions in Vienna, Barcelona and Vieussan, France, New York, Jerusalem, Philadelphia, Venice.

Since 2003 founder and director of the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts & Media | Venice.

Since 2015 co-founder and artist of the Produzentengalerie Wien


The Myth of Lviv - A live Video and Performance
The Heads

In Search of the Unknown of ones own Self
Parallel Vienna 2017
Tagebuch 15. März - 31. Mai
2016 Love Sick
15 Tage Diolog durch 2
10 SQM Vienna
Die Geburt der Bilder
2015 My work with Willie Bester
2014 Truth and Reconciliation
Urbo Kune
The South African - European Studio
2013 The Point of No Return
Der Augeblick
2012 13 Ways To Look on a Love Story
2011 Kicken, Kunst und Kebab
Fathomizing Memory
Der Weibliche Blick auf den Körper des Mannes
2010 Werdigier – Abstraktionen
Das Phantasma der Ausländer
2009 Websearch Your Life
Die Spittelberg-Bilder, Bilder einer Musik
2008 Afrika
Afrika II
2007 Goethe's italienische Reise
Der Wunderblock
Du sollst dir (k)ein Bild machen
Die Gefahr des Schosses heisst Stille
Berlin 1933 - Wien 1938
Colour and Identity
Das Leben: Zufall oder Wiederholung?
2006 Hidden Images
2003 Eurydice Project
Eurydice II
2002 Mix-Tape
2000 Denk-Mal
1991 City Scenarios
1989      Sfarad
1985 Les Fleurs Du Mal

Class: Painting I
Contact: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Website: www.WolfWerdigier.com


JK baixa

James Kudo

1967 Pereira Barreto, Brazil
Lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil


1990 Centro Universitario Belas Artes de Sao Paulo (FEBASP) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
1992 - 1994 Art Student League - New York, USA


2017 Mimético sintético, Murilo Castro Gallery – Belo Horizonte, Brazil
2015 Oxímoros, Zipper Gallery – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Art15 – London – UK
Epítome da paisagem, Luciana Caravello Gallery – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011 Topofilia, Zipper Gallery - Sao Paulo, Brazil
2009 Telurico, Laura Marsiaj Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2008 Promo Arte - Tokyo, Japan
2007 Dan Gallery - Sao Paulo, Brazil
2003 Sobre Pedras Caixas e Esperancas, Deco Gallery - Sao Paulo, Brazil
2002 Brazilian American Cultural Institut - Washington, USA
1998 Candido Mendes Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1997 Bipi's Galerie - Cologne, Germany
1996 Museu de Arte de Ribeirao Preto (MARP) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
1995 Promo Arte - Latin American Gallery - Tokyo, Japan
SESC Paulista - Sao Paulo, Brazil
1994 Museu de Arte Contemporanea (MAC) - Campinas, Brazil
Promo Arte - Latin American Gallery - Tokyo, Japan
1993 Icaro Gallery - New York, USA


2018 Scapeland, Memorial da América Latina, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2017 Pintura, Caixa Cultural – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Contrapontos, National Museum – Brasilia, Brazil
Os desígnios da Arte Contemporânea no Brasil, MAC-USP Museum of Contemporary Art of SP University – Sao Paulo, Brazil
2015 Inter Aktion, Brasilien in Sacrow – Potsdam, Germany
2014 100 Painters of Tomorrow, Beer Contemporary – London, Uk
Shouts of Korea, Kotra Open Gallery – Seoul, South Korea
U.S with no Politics, Caminul Artei – Bucharest, Romania
Tatu – MAR, Museu de Arte do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2013 Expeditionen in asthetik und nachhaltigkeit, Memorial of Latin America – Sao Paulo, Brazil
2012 Liebe Leidenschaft, AEG – Nuremberg, Germany
2011 Realidades, SESC Pinheiros - Sao Paulo, Brazil
2009 Hyogo Museum - Kobe, Japan
2008 Trajetória das Artes Plasticas Nikkey do Brasil - Ehime/ Yokohama/ Kumamoto, Japan
100 Anos de Arte Nikkey do Brasil, CCBB - Rio de Janeiro/Brasilia - Brazil
Creative Art Session, Kawasaki City Museum - Kawasaki, Japan
2004 Entre Hemisferios, Aion Gallery - Vancouver, Canada
2002 Entre Hemisferios, Gunter Braunsberg Galerie - Nuremberg, Germany
2000 Today - Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art, Miura Museum of Art - Matsuyama, Japan
1996 Contemporary Brazilian Nikkey Artists, Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand (MASP)
- Sao Paulo, Brazil
1995 Tiegarten Galerie - Berlin, Germany
Wege Marken - Ibero Amerikanisches Institut, PK - Berlin, Germany
Afluentes, Casa do Olhar - Santo Andre, Brazil
1994 Kultur Fabrik - Roth, Germany


Pinacoteca do Estado - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Museu de Arte Contemporanea da Universidade de Sao Paulo (MAC/USP) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Museu de Arte Nipo Brasileira (Bunkyo) - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Museu de Imigracao Japonesa - Registro, Brazil
Museum of Art Miura (Miurart) - Matsuyama, Japan
Hyogo Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan
SESC, Sao Paulo, Brazil
TV Cultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Amazonas University, Belém, Brazil
Instituto Itau Cultural - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Nucleo Henfil de Arte - Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
Jens Olesen Collections - Denmark
Bank Boston Collection - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Class: Painting II
Website: issuu.com/jameskudo


virginie bailly at the summeracademy venice 2018(1)

Virginie Bailly

1976 born in Brussels, Belgium
Lives and works in Brussels

2000–03 Postgraduaat, Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerpen
1995–99 Vrije Kunsten, optie schilderkunst, Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussels, laureate schilderkunst
1998–99 Socrates exchange, Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts Montpellier (FR)
1993–97 Ecole des arts d’Anderlecht, peinture

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2018 Summer Perspectives, curated by Frederik Vergaert, Hosted by Mimi Huys, Knokke (BE)
          Lichtung, Galerie Straihammer und Seidenschwann (AUS)
2017 Effervescent, Transit Galerie, Mechelen (BE)
2016 Pareidolie, Galerie Straihammer und Seidenschwann (AT)
2015 Summit fever, STRABAG Kunstforum, Vienna (AT)
          Le Mont Analogue. De Garage, Mechelen (B)
2014 Tablatuur, Transit Galerie, Mechelen (B)
2013 Interpunctions, YIA ART FAIR #03, Transit Galerie, Bastille Design Center, Paris (FR)
          Espèces de points, Phoebus, Rotterdam (NL)

Group exhibitions (selection)
2018 Summer Perspectives, Virginie Bailly, Sarah De Vos & Geoffrey de Beer, Sarah Van Marcke, knokke, Curated by Frederik Vergaert, Hosted by Mimi Huys (BE)
          Arture#9, Virginie Bailly, Hans Everaert, Fred Michiels, Wannes Lecompte, Hilde Overbergh, Bart Vandevijvere en Fik Van Gestel, Herzele, Curated by Sven Vanderstichelen (BE)
          Workflow, CC Zwijgershoek, St-Niklaas, Curated by Wim Wauman (BE)
          Art Brussels, represented by Transit Galerie, Brussels (BE)
2017 Kunstsalon Perchtoldsdorf, Virginie Bailly, Judith P. Fischer, Krasimira Stikar, e.a., Perchtoldsdorf (AUS)
          Fear in a handful of dust, Bart Baele, Steven Baelen, Virginie Bailly, Anouk de Clercq, Atallah, Léon & Cocina Diluvio, Productions Bruno Hardt, Jos De Gruyter & Harald Thys, Nick Van Dijck, Renato Nicolodi, Philippe Vandenberg, Stefan Serneels & Renie Spoelstra. Marion de Cannière, Antwerpen Curated by Stefan Serneels (BE)
           Art Bodensee, represented by Galery Galerie Straihammer und Seidenschwann, Dornbirn (AUS)
           Art Brussels, represented by Transit Galerie, Brussels (BE)
2016 Daniel Karrer – Virginie Bailly, CCHA, Hasselt (B)
2015 Looking Back/Going Forward, Galerie Straihammer und Seidenschwann (AT)
          A Belgian Politician, Galerie Marion De Cannierre, Antwerp (B)
2013 Constructies, Emergent Galerie & Vereniging, Veurne. Curated by Frank Maes (B)
2012 Brisure, Belfius, Brussel. Curated by Stef Vanbellingen (B)
          Schriftuur, De Bond, Brugge. Curated by Michel De Wilde (B)
          LandscapesCitiesPeople, Netwerk, Aalst. Curated by Frank Maes (B)
          Manifestaanwezig!, Kasteel Oud-Rekem. Curated by Annemie Van Laethem (B)

Class: Painting III
Web: www.virginiebailly.be



pieter Schoolwerth summer academy venice 2019 p

Joris van de Moortel

Joris Van de Moortel (Ghent, 1983) lives and works in Antwerp. Graduated from the Künstelerhaus Bethanien in Berlin (2013), as well as the Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) of Ghent (2009).

Van de Moortel has shown his works in museums, institutions, and art galleries, including: Palais de Tokyo, Dena Foundation for Contemporary Art and Maison des Arts de Malakoff in Paris; Musée Sainte-Croix in Poitiers; MAC’s (Grand Hornu) in Mons; Be-PART Foundation in Waregem; Museum D’hondt-Dhaenens in Deurle; Museum Cultuur in Strombeek; Bozar Centre of Fine Arts, Musée d’Ixelles and the Fondation Boghossian - Villa Empain in Brussels; Central Museum in Utrecht; Ludwig Museum in Budapest, and SCAD College of Art and Design in Atlanta.


2019 Guitare Préparé, Sint Lukas Galerie, Brussels, BE
2019 solo presentation, ART Cologne, Cologne, DE
2018-19 Cachivache Bugui Bugui, Palais des Beaux-Arts, BOZAR, Brussels, BE
2018 The sound of White Smoke, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, AU
2018 European Son, Raised Catholic, Drawing Room Gallery, Manila, Philippines
2018 This incomplete mythical world whose perfection lay outside it, Galerie Nathalie Obadia Paris-Brussels, Brussels, BE
2017 Closer Festival Installation "De Grot" music curated by Gregory Frateur, Antwerp, BE
2017 12 X, BANG Festival 5 / KultuurKaffee curated by Joris VdM, Begijnhofkerk, Brussels, BE
2016 - 2017 The 10 Commandments for Vienna, Krinzinger Projekte, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, AT
2016 Pink Noises, SCAD Museum Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2016 Birds, Robin Hood, Acoustics, "noise", Notating, Detail, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris, FR
2016 Tragedy by the everyday and the absurd by the logical, ARCO with Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Madrid, ES
2015 Ça vous intéresse l’architecture? Botanical vibrations travel through the air tangled as wires, attempting to play with the rhythmic structure, Be Part, Waregem, BE
2015 Rotten Sun, Art Untitled Miami Beach, Denis Gardarin Gallery NY, Miami Beach, Miami, USA

2018 Mystic Properties, curated by Elena Sorokina, Hotel de la Poste, Art Brussels, Brussels, BE
2017 Ecce Homo, different locations, Antwerp, BE
2017 Celebration part 1 "Let there be Light (neon)" Group show curated by Joris Van de Moortel with Alan Vega, Jan Van Munster, Navid Nur, Michel Francois, Lieven de Boeck, Muller Vanseveren, Kelly Schaght, Mekhitar Garabedian, Thomas Bogaert, Ivan Navarro, Guillaume Bijl, Keith Sonnier, Nico Dockx, Steve Van den Bosch, Jan Van Den Bosch, Paul Schwer, Andy Wauman, Sarah Yu Zeebroek, Dennis Tyfus and and ... yes some more to come, Galerie Sofie Van de Velde, Nieuwe Zuid, Antwerp, BE2017 Focus, presentation in the collection, Musée d'IIxelles, Brussels, BE
2017 ​RE-ART2, Zaventem, BE

DISCOGRAPHY [selection]

A Sunday Mess, de 7 Sacramenten, 12" vinyl
The Sound of White Smoke, 12” vinyl
Fieldrecordings of my own environment, audio CD, edition on 500, 2015
Girard kanard Vol II, solo record, 12" vinyl, edition on 200, 2015
Fruchtfleisch unser architektur in collaboration with Paul Schwer, 7" vinyl, edition of 100, 2013
üR Geräusch Kammer Ensemble Live in Bourges, tape, edition on 50, 2012
Giarad Kanard & his magic kazzoo 2006-07, tape, edition on 50, 2012
Erratum musicale for four people, 7" vinyl, edition on 300, 2012

PERFORMANCE [selection]

2018, New composition and Music Performance in collaboration with the Belgium National Orchestra(NOB/ONB)
Composition in collaboration with Thomas de Prins, Palais des Beaux-Arts, BOZAR, Brussels, BE
2018, A Performance Afair, The panopticon Edition, Vanderborght Building, Brussels, BE
2017 A 2 min. sound check by the Ur Geraush Kammer Ensemble feat. Krist Torfs, Jezus Factory, Niels Latomme and Mauro Pawlowski, Liberty, London, UK
2017 A Sunday Mess (night) feat. Thomas de Prins on piano, Gouvernement, Ghent, BE
2017 A Sunday Mess (morning) feat. Thomas de Prins on piano, Museum Dhondt Dhaenens, Deurle, BE
2016 Liquid Fire, MAF Middelheim Art Festival, Middelheim Museum, Antwerp, BE
2016 Spectra Enesemble and Filip Rathé play the music of Joris Van de Moortel SP, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris, FR

Class: Painting IV
Website: www.jorisvandemoortel.eu


Brenk Sinatra cKidizinSane summer academy venice

Brenk Sinatra

The Viennese music producer Brenk Sinatra has become one of the most famous Beatsmans in Europe in recent years. After Brenk provided already numerous artists from Austria and Germany such as Casper, arrest warrant, Morlockk dilemma, Olexesh, Xatar and more with his tailor-made instrumentals, he also caught the attention of rappers from the US like Mac Miller, Xzibit or B-Real who recorded tracks on his instrumentals.

In 2018 the next big DeutschrapCollabo with the original Said from Berlin was "HAU" released. The fan-celebrated project will be continued next year with numerous feature guests.

Brenks productions are gaining recognition in the media and has been nominated for the Austrian Amadeus Music Award. He can also look forward to international airplay: both cult DJ Gilles Peterson with his worldwideshow on BBC Radio 1 and Eminem's radio station Shade 45 are sending his tracks regularly over the airwaves.

When he does not play as a part of the trio Betty Ford Boys in front of sold-out clubs around Europe or on joint album projects, Brenk Sinatra is already working on the album "Wh ich Way lz West" based on DJ Premier New York's music label Year Round Records. DJ Premier is not only an executive producer on "Wh ich Way lz West", but also collaborates with Brenk to deliver the instrumental template for Eihts musical comeback.

In addition to rap music from California Brenk Sinatra heart beats for old, European Prague rock and the soul music of the 70s. This passion manifests itself not only in the numerous music samples used, one of Brenk's musical trademarks, but also in the form of an album with Kansas City's soul voice Miles Bonny, who unceremoniously founded Group S3 (Supa Soul Sh * t) with Brenk. After Brenk's instrumental debut "Gumbo", released in 2008, the successor "Gumbo 11", released three years later, caused quite a stir among the beat gourmets around the globe. On the 2015 released solo album "Midnite Ride", which Brenk conceived as a soundtrack for nighttime car rides, he blended his spherical "wavy" beats into one of his most atmospheric releases of all time.

Class: Music Composition and Production
Website: brenksinatra.com


rainer voltmann sommerakademie venedig

Rainer Voltmann

Rainer Voltmann was born in Vienna in 1961.

From 1980 to 1983 he graduated from the vocational school for the graphic arts and completed his apprenticeship as a copper printer with excellent success. Until 1984 he worked in the Atelier Kasimir in Vienna.

From 1984 he began studying at the Franz Schubert Conservatory in Vienna jazz flute saxophone and successfully completed this with a teacher and in jazz flute. He taught and played in various groups and big bands (including Sound Off - Trio, Voltmachine Big Band).
In 1987 he returned to the Kasimir studio without interrupting his musical activity.
In 1991 he founded his own workshop, Studio 67, in 1160 Vienna.
In 1997 he moved to Mödling and opened the still existing studio R. Voltmann.
Since 2006, Rainer Voltmann has been advising the Neuhauser Kunstmühle in Salzburg, respectively since 2015 in Hohenberg, Lower Austria.

He works with artists and is available to advise you: like u.a. Christoph Kiefhaber, Michael Fuchs, Peter Florian, Eva Meloun, Rena Meren, Wolfgang Pupek, Felix Watzke, Walter Strobl, Michael Hedwig, Jakob Kirchmayr, Sabine Playel, Gerald Brettschuh, Eric Kressnig, Florentina Pakosta ... and for the gallery Klewan (Vienna) and international artists, among others Paul Ching Bor (New York), Gottfried Salzmann (Paris), Marika Voss (Berlin), Armin Zingerle (Italy), Robert Helmus (Germany), Nieves Salzmann (Paris), Andreas Legat, Stefanie Binding (both Germany) ... ,

Rainer Voltmann is a printmaker and heliograver. Since 2003, many of his own etchings and he has attended various training courses and seminars, including. In 2007 a training course for heliogravure in Rielasingen (Germany), which shaped his further path very much.
Since 2007, he has been intensively involved with photography, which he translates in printmaking with his own works as a heliogravure.

Solo Exhibitions [selection]:
Ateliers 33/3, Wien 2015
Galerie Blumentopf, Wien 2016
Botega Lopez, Mödling 2016
Burg, Hannersdorf, 2016
Dorfgalerie Großpetersdorf, 2016
Tiroler Hof, Dölsach 2017
Mödlinger Künstlerbund, 2018
Christoph Kiefhaber Privatstiftung, Kunstservice Wien, 2018

Group Exhibitions [selection]:
Jurnee de l’estampe, Paris 2014
Londoner print fair, London 2016
Jahresausstellung, Neuhauser Kunstmühle, Wien 2016
Mödlinger Künstlerbund, Mödling 2017
Forum Fotografie, Mödling 2017
Kirchberg am Wagram, 2018
Wasserturm, Wien 2018
Köszeg, Ungarn 2018

Class: Etching and Graphic Reproduction
Website: rainervoltmann-arv.at           

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